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Dior Book Tote M1286 Beige Multicolor Dior Hibiscus Metallic Thread Embroidery

Dior Book Tote M1286 Beige Multicolor Dior Hibiscus Metallic Thread Embroidery

Dior Book Tote M1286 Multicolor Mille Fleurs Embroidery

Dior Book Tote M1286 Multicolor Mille Fleurs Embroidery

Dior Book Tote M1286 Multicolor Tie & Dior Embroidery

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The Dior Book Tote, an original style introduced by Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, has become a staple of the Dior aesthetic. The beige mini silhouette is entirely embroidered with the multicolor Dior Hibiscus motif reminiscent of bucolic Apulian landscapes, a central theme of the collection. An excellent example of the House’s savoir-faire, the Dior Book Tote may be paired with any matching piece for a total Dior Oblique look.
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dr m1286 mc tie


  • Beige multicolor Dior Hibiscus embroidery
  • 'Christian Dior' signature at front
  • Can be carried by hand
  • Small: 36.5 x 28 x 17.5 cm
  • Large: 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm
  • Genuine imported original materials used..

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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Jun ,10 2021
This is my first time trying a Chanel bag and I'm super impressed by the quality at this price point. The leather is very smooth, soft and luscious with a slight puff to the large quilts. The sheen gives it that extra look of lux that makes the 19 so edgy and sophisticated. The chain doesn't twist and the magnetic clasp is quite sturdy and strong. I love this bag! I'm really happy with it. It's perfect dressed up or down and I'm so glad I have a 19 bag with the beautiful chains and big quilts that doesn't swallow me up. Although the shoulder strap is too long, I just looped it through twice and it's the perfect shoulder bag for me! - HANA
Jun ,10 2021
Love it! Thanks - Caroline
Addison Buckley
Jun ,09 2021
The quality of the bag is amazing. Seriously, I have zero complaints about this bag (beside the little things like the lock and the key). The leather, the shape of the bag, canvas, hardware etc. are all great! I had no problems with the zipper, it is smooth. I am very impressed with this bag. It looks very sleek in every way. I'm quite a perfectionist, so I only wear the bag when I'm completely satisfied with it. I can definitely say that this one is a perfect replica! - Addison Buckley
Jun ,04 2021
This bag is BEAUTIFUL! It looks authentic and I love the versatility with the chain (you can carry it by hand or on your shoulder). The hardware matches an authentic bag in everyway and I love the added D ring. The stitching is perfect, along with the original crinkle leather; it doesn't slouch and the metal pewter colored chain does not slouch. It's PERFECT! The original leather smells like leather, feels so soft, and the stitching is consistent with the authentic version. The pewter chain is the same length and width as an authentic. The shape and size of the bag is the same as the authentic, as well. All the zippers work, stamping is accurate, and logo are perfect. The interior and lining are the same material; beautiful, sturdy, and correct color. It is identical to the YSL NIKI on the the authentic website listed above. - rachael
Jun ,03 2021
This was such a good choice for my first replica bag. I love how tactile it is and how handsy you can be while conditioning it. While I may topple over if you bump into me, I’m not a delicate flower with my things. And this one is perfect for me. - vomi
Jun ,03 2021
I think it is pretty beautiful, and I love this bag SO MUCH!!! The first time I wore it out, I stepped out of my apartment and was immediately complimented on it. That instant rush of serotonin just really solidified how much I love it. It kinda amazes me just how perfect this bag seems to be - the fact my only complaint is so minor it is just a turn lock, which is still almost completely smooth, says a lot. This bag has certainly made me want to get another one in a different colorway! - vivi
Jun ,01 2021
I tried this bag on at the boutique and got to feel the leather. I’d say this bag is bang on with the quality and feel of the leather! I checked each and every stitch and there are no loose or uneven stitches I can find. The quality of all the parts, from the chain strap to the d-rings and the leather section of the strap are very well made. Extremely impressed. - elly
May ,30 2021
I love it, thanks. Thank your for great customer and answering all my questions promptly. - Kasey.Han
May ,29 2021
I’ve been purchasing from them since 2015. Their bags’ quality are always great, and I’m so glad they are also doing shoes in recent years. Quality is good and comfortable. Shoes insole is real leather, soft and comfortable. I found they have less shoes reviews, so I write one here - Tonya
May ,28 2021
SUBLIME! - Falihah
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