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Dior D-Doll Pump Black Shiny Calfskin KCP909

Dior D-Doll Pump Black Shiny Calfskin KCP909

Dior D-Doll Pump Pink Shiny Calfskin KCP909

Dior D-Doll Pump Pink Shiny Calfskin KCP909

Dior D-Doll Pump White Shiny Calfskin KCP909

  • Heel: 5.5 cm
  • Genuine imported Calfskin and Lambskin leather.
  • Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
  • What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.
  • No-Return/exchange item (Size, color, design) for any reason.
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dr KCP909 White

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Ani Abdullahi
Dec ,16 2020
Their pre” ship videos, so different with other sellers, which eased off my fears and decided to make my first order. Most of the China sellers have only a very short and blur video. I received video links after 3 days of my payment made. Liz showed my bag in 3 videos with clear & detailed shots, it is so much prettier than in photos. I was astonished by the quality while I received it. It looks fantastic, so nice to hold and touch. It is so much beautiful than in the videos too! - Ani Abdullahi
Dec ,09 2020
High quality material as described, high-end finished. Shoes size is same as authentic that I tried in Chanel store last month. - Pamela
Dec ,05 2020
I had been looking for my size everywhere of the Chanel stores, end up I gave a try to order my first “fake” here. I was so surprised they are just identical with the authentic. I can’t believe that the quality is so superb but only cost a quarter of the real ones! Great experience and satisfied with my order. Thanks. - Tabata
Dec ,03 2020
❤️❤️❤️ - Anja
Ashley Jar
Nov ,30 2020
Good. Thanks. - Ashley Jar
Alya Hassan
Nov ,30 2020
Received. I love the Hermes bag so much!! It is identical with my sister’s BK30!! Great job!! - Alya Hassan
Nov ,30 2020
This is a beautiful bag that I can wear with confidence. The pop of color is new for me and I already ordered a bright pink bag from Zippy because now I want more color in my bag wardrobe. - Sara
Nov ,30 2020
This is the third bag I have purchased from her. I really enjoy working with her because she is no nonsense and direct. I like her style. By the time I message her I have already done my research and read all the reviews etc, basically I am ready to buy. Based on endless hours of research and almost 200 pages of the Chanel Reissue thread on Google, I am confident and VERY impressed with this bag! Overall, the leather, distressing, stitching, hardware, shape, sizing, number of diamonds/quilts, number of stitches per quilt all measure up and is spot on! I would be very confident walking into a Chanel boutique or wearing this around my friends who own auth Chanel. - Kelly
Nov ,30 2020
I am truly happy with my purchase. I love the leather feel and how classy the beige looks! I have both the classic colors and my Chanel CF collection is now complete (yes I'm a basic b, I only go for classic colors - hassan
Nov ,28 2020
Oh la la ! La qualité, les matériaux sont excellents !! - Mesenviesa
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