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Dior Dway Slide Embroidered Cotton KCQ550 ii

Dior Dway Slide Embroidered Cotton KCQ550 ii

Dior DiorAct Sandals Beige Multicolor Mizza Printed Technical Fabric KCQ547

Dior DiorAct Sandals Beige Multicolor Mizza Printed Technical Fabric KCQ547

Dior DiorAct Sandals Silver-Tone Shiny Laminated Calfskin KCQ547

  • Genuine imported Calfskin leather.
  • Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
  • What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.
  • No-Return/exchange item (Size, color, design) for any reason.
Availability: In stock
dr KCQ547 silver

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May ,10 2021
Finally got my order! Quality is amazing but delivery is horribly slow!!!! - Lorella
May ,09 2021
Holy crap guys. This is a super well made bag! Truly the quality of this specific bag EXCEEDS the quality of the authentic. The stitching is better. The canvas is softer. - Rossy
May ,06 2021
Packaging is beautiful - Emelyn
May ,06 2021
Took half month to arrive :( but quality is great. Pls use faster shipping way! - Emelyn
May ,05 2021
The bags feel soooo soft and buttery. just perfect! - lina
May ,04 2021
Superbly grade! - Syifa
May ,04 2021
They are SUPERB! Thanks! - Syifa
May ,03 2021
This bag gets all the important details right. I would say this is an incredibly good choice if you are looking for an accurate and well priced factory for this bag. - natasha
Apr ,27 2021
Omg, I cannot even begin to explain how much I fucking love this bag. It is the most perfect nude colour, it looks so unique depending on the lighting it is in, it feels luxe and looks too stunning that I'm actually afraid to wear it outside lmao. I think it completes any casual outfit and could make anyone look put together. It is simply gorgeous. - elaine
Apr ,20 2021
CANVAS: Having the original before, I have to say. WOW! The canvas looks almost exactly the same as the original. This more filled in but WOW THIS IS SO SIMILAR! IM SO HAPPY! I'm really really in love with it. NO Purple undertone. I also compared the canvas to my original pieces and it looks absolutely fantastic. LEATHER: The leather feels like the original. Plus the Vachetta leather used is real so i'm super happy. STITCHING: WELL DONE AND EVEN THROUGHOUT. LOVE IT. I find no problems INTERIOR: AMAZING interior. It's microfiber so can't really go wrong I feel? TBH this bag smells like the original. is that weird to say? The microfiber in the original is def softer, but for the most part you can also feel this lining as extremely good quality. GLAZING/PIPING: Consistent. No flaws that I see HARDWARE: Perfect condition and the color is not too gold. Amazing. I am so happy. - Nora
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