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Hermes Constance Matte Alligator Leather Bag Black

Hermes Constance Matte Alligator Leather Bag Black

Hermes Birkin Shiny Alligator Leather CK81 Gris Tourtelle

Hermes Birkin Shiny Alligator Leather CK81 Gris Tourtelle

Hermes Constance Matte Alligator Leather Bag 8L Beton

was $8,300.00 Special Price $4,400.00
This Constance Bag is a rare find from Hermès and definitely creates a very retro and glamorous look. A small handbag with a simple flap and large white Hermès 'H' - this bag is one of a kind! The bag opens up to a smooth interior where you can put your belongings. This bag can be worn on the shoulder or cross body to complete your look.
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hmconst mattecroc 8L Beton


  • Designer: Hermes
  • 2 Sizes available
  • Niloticus Alligator.
  • or Alligator Mississippiensis.
  • Gold / Palladium Hardware
  • Color: Same as Pictures
  • flap over design
  • Fully lined in leather with 2 open pockets.
  • Hermes embossed on the hardware
  • Genuine imported Top Niloticus Alligator Leather.
  • Genuine imported Top Alligator Mississippiensis Leather.
  • Both types are authentic used brand leather.

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.

What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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Oct ,04 2021
Great site! You have real Hermes! Will purchase more soon. - Julia Ag
Nouf KH
Oct ,03 2021
Superior!! It looks similar to the real bag. - Nouf KH
Nouf KH
Aug ,26 2021
First Try! Look Good! My Next Order Will Be Hermis Bag! - Nouf KH
Nguyen thi bon
Jul ,30 2021
Satisfied quality, but slow delivery. Overall good. - Nguyen thi bon
Jul ,11 2021
I brought it into Hermes store!! And bought this rodeo in the store, the Sales girl tied it up for me!! They don’t even notice my bag not real - NicolaJan
Jul ,10 2021
I am amazed with my BV mini jodie. One of my friends had the original one so I compared them: size is the same, leather softness is the same, interior is the same. I am shocked. Already placed another order. Thank you! - Mary
Jul ,10 2021
Superb! Quality is great and it fits well! Thanks for great customer service and helping me out for the shoes size selection. - Aminazak
Fabiola Smith
Jul ,08 2021
My second purse & well pleased with it. - Fabiola Smith
Jun ,18 2021
Can’t wait to unbox it! So beautiful & tq for quality guaranteed. I’m satisfied with this order and tq the fast delivery! - Annette
Fiona Baldwin
Jun ,16 2021
My Mini Kelly Review. Construction and craftsmanship: very very well made. I am freaking blown away at the handstitched quality at this specific price point. - Fiona Baldwin