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Loewe Gate Small Bag 397511 Tan

Loewe Gate Small Bag 397511 Tan

Loewe Gate Small Bag 397511 Amber/Pink

Loewe Gate Small Bag 397511 Amber/Pink

Loewe Gate Small Bag 397511 Oxblood/Pink

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Saddle-shaped crossbody bag with refined and sleek construction reimagines this timeless silhouette in a contemporary way. It owes its name to the side-latched metallic pin with a flirty dangling leather strip and its distinctive knotted front belt. Gate perfectly embodies LOEWE's artisanal savoir-faire and showcases the house´s unrivalled leather craftsmanship.
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lw 397511 Oxblood/Pink


  • Color: As pictures shown.
  • Crafted from Soft Grained Calfskin and Woven Raffia.
  • Front flap pulls in under knotted belt for secure fastening.
  • Bonded Gold Suede lining.
  • Interior compartments with a dividing slot.
  • Back large slit pocket.
  • Black hand-painted edges.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with cufflinks.
  • Material: Soft Calf
  • Metallic colour: Gold
  • Measures: 20X19X11.5 cm
  • Genuine imported Calfskin leather.

Quality: OEM. Materials used are exactly same as the original ones.
What you see in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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Molly elhk
Jun ,16 2021
AWESOME!! - Molly elhk
Molly elhk
Jun ,16 2021
The details, materials & craftsmanship is beyond replication! - Molly elhk
Jun ,16 2021
Everything is good. Delivery is slow. - Anissa.Paula
Jun ,16 2021
So happy with it! Thank u so much! - Meggee
Jun ,14 2021
the price is amazing and this bag is AMAZING OVERALL!!! Legit if you bring this out on the streets, nobody would be able to tell it is replica! I am very satisfied with this purchase!! - lisa
Cheryl Tan
Jun ,14 2021
Received and so happy with the quality. Will Order more soon. - Cheryl Tan
Jun ,13 2021
This is my second purchase and I’m impressed with the eke consistency. I wear these bags with confidence since they are perfect - HAMA
Jun ,12 2021
This site is special! I texted them in WhatsApp and asked for more quality details. They gave me a link and let me browse through to see the quality and understand what they are doing everyday. They don’t write much and never push me to purchase. I gave it a try after scrolling through their IG & TikTok! Their works are really impressing me! And my first bag arrived, she’s so beautiful and I think.. it is so close to the Auth. - VMlopez
Jun ,12 2021
I should buy from you from beginning! Quality is so great! Thanks for the quality guarantee & all the videos you showed me! I will only buying from you now and future! - Leela
Jun ,10 2021
I really do love this bag! The Mahina leather bags are not as popular at LV but I think they are a great choice for a less obvious logo bag and the softness and color is to die for. I think because the leather is so high quality it would not read as a replica. So I will be carrying this bag with confidence. I really enjoy working with Lisa and have ordered more since this purchase. She is very fast with responses and very professional and honest. - Nguyen